Invest for change

With Wimpact, grow your savings and build a sustainable world


Invest with purpose in three steps

01 Choose your impact

Explore our themed portfolios and choose the causes you care about

02 Fill in your profile

Enter your savings plan and preferences in a few questions

03 Invest and track your account

Open your account, transfer funds and follow your investment at any time

Your money is safe

Your money is transferred to an account that we open in your name at a custodian bank. As your asset manager, Wimpact will execute the investment strategy that you choose through our application.


Wimpact offers positive impact investments, without the trouble of usual financial products


Choose your impact and invest in listed companies that provide sustainable solutions to societal issues


We build investment portfolios and make them available through our intuitive and jargon-free digital interface


You know which companies you invest in and why we have selected them

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